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Wearables Team

Our Research:

The development and testing of wearable point of care devices. In recent years, these devices have become more powerful and more prevalent and they are becoming a serious player in the clinical space. Our goal is to develop a multisensor, flexible wearable device that can be tested on clinical patients. Current state of the art devices are inaccurate, uncomfortable to the user, and do not collect continuous data.

Out current generation device is capable of continuous collection of ECG, temperature, and activity. This will be validated in a long-term, 30-day human subject trial. Future goals for the device include the integration of pulse oximetry, respiration rate, adhesive conductive sensors, galvanic skin response, blood pressure, and wireless data transfer.

We foresee this having a major impact in the clinical space, as it will allow for safe and accurate remote monitoring of patients. Remote monitoring could help increase patient quality of life and help to decrease incidences of hospital readmission, a problem that costs the US healthcare system millions of dollars annually.



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