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Diabetes Self-Monitoring: Shed a Tear to Test Blood Sugar Level

For a diabetic, nothing is more bothersome than self-testing to monitor blood sugar levels. Current monitoring devices typically require patients to perform the painful task of pricking their finger to draw blood for a test sample. And many patients must do it several times each day. Indeed, comments in one TuDiabetes forum over the past […]

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New Device Holds Promise of Making Blood Glucose Testing Easier for Patients with Diabetes

TEMPE, Ariz — People with diabetes could be helped by a new type of self-monitoring blood glucose sensor being developed by Arizona State University engineers and clinicians at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. More than 23 million people in the United States have diabetes. The disease is the fifth leading cause of death in the United […]

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Body Parts at BODY WORLDS 2011

Alex Walsh, Toni Horton, Abbey Soulek, Kenyon McAferty, and Dr. La Belle presented “Body Parts” at Body Worlds 2011 in the AZ Science Center in Phoenix. Visitors were entertained with how to make Body Parts. Beginning with replicating bones, adding tendons and viagra substitute ligaments, to muscles and finally Noblesse does abilify make you gain […]

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