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Innovation Challenge Winners Announced: MDM Won!

Mulitplexed Diabetes Management Listed as Award Winner Mulitplexed Diabetes Management was a $1,500 dollar winner. Multiplexed Diabetes Management is a transformative technology with long-term impact in diabetes care. The team included: Aman Verma, Graduate Student, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering / Team Leader Christopher McBride, Avait solide. Donner voilà convenue et, son solides […]

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Bioanalyst Zone Interview (free login required)

novel single-sensor multiplexed marker assay – a step towards simplified disease management and detection? Author:Natalie Harrison, Future Science Group Researchers from the Biodesign Institute at ArizonaState University (ASU), USA engineer a sensor capable of simultaneously measuring multiple analytes in a label-free and rapid manner […]

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